At El Encuentro Fly Fishing, one of the things we're most proud of is the number of guests who return each year. Perhaps that's because of our variety of fishing opportunities, or our friendly guides, or the amazing scenery — or maybe it's all of those combined.

A few words from past guests...

"After many visits, it always feels like home and family, and of course the fishing is amazing, the team make it special, and always a special memory. Muchas gracias!!" - Nina Fout - Middleburgh, Virginia - 2022

"We have completely enjoyed our stay here at El Encuentro lodge. The Lodge is so bautiful and comfortable. The food has really been next level and delicious. Josefina has been a great host and Marcelo has been one of the best guides I have fished with. So enjoyable to be around. Great food! Great fishing! Great people! Thank you so much!" - Steve Jensen - Wild on the Fly - 2021

"This trip will be one of the most memorable trips of my life. Thank you for the wonderful food, fishing and enlightened conversations. The El Encuentro family are the most delightful folks. I hope to return to see everyone again. Gracias!! - Odom Wu - Texas - 2021

"This has been well worth the two years wait! It been a great trip to come out of the Covid. This is a wonderful lodge and staff. The food has been very creative and healthy. Ceci, we appreciate the time and effort you put in to make this trip happen to us! Santiago and William provided us with an excellent fishing experience. We hope to see you again." - Rich Otto and Roland Kumagai - San Jose, CA - 2020

"A special place made made more special by the wonderful staff. Thank you all! See you again!"
Melissa & RIch Soper - Wilmington, Delaware, USA - 2020
"Our stay at both the Base Camp and the Lodge was truly wonderful. The staff at each was extraordinary, the fishing fabulous and the lanscape beautiful"
Irene & John Briedis - Bozeman, Montana, USA - 2020
"Spectacular fishing on Lago Engaño. The Futaleufú river is magnificent. Wonderful staff and guide. An absolute pleasure to fish without crowds" 
Jonathan Olch - Utah, USA - 2020

“Brook Trout Basecamp is a one of a kind experience, and for our next trip, I hope to spend more time there, and also look forward to accessing more water resources from that Camp given more time.”

Charlie & Eliza Lee -Denver, CO - 2020
“Rest assured, we will continue to send all of our friends your way, as in my experience, the EEFF program is unique in its professionalism, and curated approach to each guest’s specific interests. That, combined with the guides/helpers/staff’s cheerful and positive commitment to making the most of every visit, make for a one of a kind trip.”
Charlie & Eliza Lee - Denver, CO - 2020

"Second year and a wonderful experience. The fishing is wonderful but the staff is what makes this a special place!"


"Curt and I both had an amazing experience at El Encucentro.  You don't need to change a thing.  The variety and quality of fishing were matched only by the courtesy and hospitality of your entire team.  We got mountain streams, spring creeks, drift boat fishing, lake fishing, headwaters, and tail-waters.  We danced the Tango, ate gourmet meals, and drank wonderful Malbec wines.  We caught more trophy trout than we could count, and received more great memories than we deserved.  Truly, the trip of a lifetime."



"Great experience! It's still wild here! Excellent Camp, food, outstanding staff, giant brookies! Yeah!"

Chuck Larsen - GA, USA


"Gourmet lunch on he bank of the river in the middle of nowhere with trophy brookies. Beat that!"

Randy Randel - TX, USA 


"We've had a wonderful stay and leave with fond memories of the hospitable staff, talented guides and remarkable fishery. 
It was a great treat to visit and share this special venue with friends! It was terrific. We enjoyed every minute. You are extremely well organized and food was great!"

David and Barbara Roux - Upperville, va, usa 


"Beautiful, peaceful and amazing. The best camping on the planet. Fantastic food, spectacular service, wonderful staff and the baddest Brook Trout on the planet!  Warmest regards."

 Roger Donbavand – UK – March 2018 


"Just a quick thank you to all at El Encuentro Flyfishing for looking after our group of rather hopeless fishers and for giving us all such a great time.  We all loved the whole trip, the fishing, the camp, the lodge, the food and in particular our wonderful, patient guides!  We were sad to leave but went on to have an amazing trip with many adventures on our way to B.A, but somehow we all fitted into the hired car and had a great time. Please could you thank Marcello, Greg and Kevin for looking after us, and also Benjamin.  I hope we will be back one day."

Heather Tylor – UK


“ I‘ve been lucky enough to walk behind pointing dogs through some of the most iconic upland country in the American West, and nothing prepared me for the raw beauty, endless amount of hunting terrain, and limitless population of quail that the El Encuentro Wingshooting program delivered. I can’t wait for next fall in Patagonia!”

Steve Hoovler – Big Sky Anglers, Montana, USA


“ Its difficult to put into words to sum up our experience, but I’ll try. What a time we had at the Las Pampas Lodge, the fishing far exceeded our expectations, with many fish landed and a few lost, but even those lost have a story to tell. Your guides are without doubt the finest we have ever had the pleasure to fish with, Alun, Freddie and Kevin will be remembered for many years. The stories they can tell regarding the history of Chubut Province/Argentina and Tony Mort particularly, being Welsh and Alun having Welsh ancestry both its far to say, became firm friends. 

The accommodation was first rate, food fantastic plus of course also the wines.

The Andes backdrop was always in view and those mountains do look majestic, also we must not forget the wildlife all stunning.

All our group felt it was the very best fishing holiday we have ever had and there have been several murmurings “we’ll be back”.
Thanks again and our very best wishes.”

Bill Green – UK


"Hustling through the crowded Buenos Aires airport, I could not imagine what El Encuentro would be like. But when I arrived-the beauty and serenity embraced me. The joy of slipping a ten-pound Brownie back into the river. It would turn out to be a world to take back with me even when the maelstrom of life sucked me back in."

Eleanor G. – Wyoming USA


"As a fly fisher for 33 years I have always dreamt about going to South America on a fishing trip but was always nervous going to a foreign place.  From the moment I arrived, Benjamin and Cecilia Beale made me feel right at home and made sure that my stay was as enjoyable as possible. Overlooking one of the most beautiful rivers I have ever laid eyes on was El Encuentro Lodge, a quaint building that seemed to welcome you inside. The lodge's chef, “Pinky”, was top notch and made sure you never left the table hungry.  As a fishing guide from Montana I am no stranger to good fisheries and beautiful scenery, but when I arrived in beautiful Patagonia I was blown away by the snowcapped mountains and the crystal-clear waters of the local rivers. The guides, Juliàn, Martín, Greg and Marcelo, were extremely knowledgeable about the area and are very in tune with their fisheries. They know what is happening on the river that day and they make sure that you are fishing the right flies with the right presentations for the best results. One of the nicest things is that El Encuentro can cater to your fishing needs whether you would like to fish for world class Browns, Rainbows, Brookies or Landlocked Salmon. If you are looking for the best possible Patagonia fly fishing experience, look no further than El Encuentro Fly Fishing Lodge."

Chris Daniels – Professional Fly Fishing Guide and Photographer


"Our home away from home, El Encuentro! Thank you to the Beale family for sharing your home, your food and fish. We will always be grateful and can’t wait to be back." 

Dominic M. – Kansas, USA


"Throughout our trip, the food was delicious, the wine bottomless, and the lodges accommodating of every request. Beyond packing and unpacking our bags, we never had to lift a finger the entire trip. The most stress we encountered was trying to decide who would fish where, and with whom. There were no wrong choices, only better ones. It was, we all agreed, the trip of a lifetime." 

Ed Swift – The Angling Journal, May 2015    Click here to view the complete Angling Report Newsletter.


"Great experience! A beautiful place with a wonderful atmosphere. Staff was great! Fishing, food, wine and people were the best!"

Gary M. – Pennsylvania, USA


"In about 2003 we first met the Beale Family at Tecka Lodge. We were guided by the very young Cecilia, Nico & Benjamin. Since than we have fished with members of the family almost every year and have followed them to the Río Pico and to their wonderful lodge on the Río Grande/Futaleufú hosted by their sister Antonia and their father Michael. Every year they have found a new very special river so that it is now hard to spend less than five weeks in Argentina. Their porch at El Encentro Lodge overlooking the river is one of the truly magical places in the world."

Henry P. – Montana, USA


"A great visit in a beautiful part of the world. Trout don't live in ugly spots! Lodges and the staff were great. Thank you!"

Jim C. & Bob S. – California, USA 


"A magical place, gracious hospitality & great fishing, gets no better, does it?"

Shirley & Peter W. – Massachusetts, USA


"In Central Patagonia, don't hire a guide. Hire a pioneer. The Beale family are pioneering stock. Michael Beale and his family have been operating a fishing lodge just outside Esquel, close to the Chile border in the central region of Patagonia, for well over thirty years. The original pioneers in this area, they been there longer than anyone else. This way, they have built up very close relationships with the owners of all the best waters. With private access to the most exclusive of them."

Neil Patterson – London, UK

"How lucky are we to go exploring all the fabulous waters you all know, with the most caring, fun and thoughtful guides… and then to return to the warmth of El Encuentro, always like coming home!"

Pam & Bill B. – Montana, USA