Discover the true heart and soul of Patagonia with El Encuentro Fly Fishing. Our roots run deep in this land of inspiring landscapes, warm people, and legendary trout. We began welcoming people to El Encuentro - “the Meeting Place” - more than 30 years ago, because this place has been so inspiring to us. We live an enchanted life in our idyllic corner of Patagonia, chasing trout with a fly on iconic waters. Nothing brings us more joy than to share this rich life with our guests, and welcome them back year after year as part of the El Encuentro Family. 

El Encuentro pioneered the sport of fly fishing in central Patagonia, opening the region’s first fishing lodge in 1985 - El Encuentro Lodge - and expanding into the frontier in 2016 with the Brook Trout Basecamp. Both operations provide one of a kind, riverside locations strategically positioned to optimize the best fishing. In 2021 we continued our long traditions of adventure, exploration, and friendship with the addition of the Carrilefu Valley Lodge situated just north of Los Alerces National Park.

The El Encuentro Fly Fishing experience elicits strong memories for those who travel to fish with us. Our staff of dedicated professionals work tirelessly to ensure that our guests’ dreams for an Argentine Fly Fishing adventure are not only matched but exceeded. We are proud to be a multi-generational, family-owned, Argentine business. The wild spirit of Patagonia has always inspired our family. Now, we invite you to come share that experience with El Encuentro Fly Fishing and become a friend for life.