El Encuentro Fly Fishing's Legacy is all about family.  We have deep roots in Patagonia, going back over 30 years. Our lodge, El Encuentro, was built by our grandmother in the early 1980’s to create a place where her children and grandchildren could gather -- right on the banks of the Rio Grande/Futaleufú. In fact, El Encuentro means "meeting place."

By 1985, Grannie's daughter Jane Pettit and husband Michael Beale, started welcoming fishing guests. The lodge’s fishing business grew over the years, as guests praised the fishing and the Beale family to friends and family.

Michael, a seasoned guide, taught all five of his children about fly fishing, wildlife and the land they call home. Each of them has guided over the years, and played a role in the success of El Encuentro. The oldest son, Benjamin, now manages the business, guiding when he can. Two brothers, Nicolas and Tomás, work on farms in the region (supplying grass-fed beef and lamb to lodge guests). They guide when needed. Benjamin's two sisters, Antonia and Cecilia, are involved in other projects in the region but stop by the lodge from time to time. 

Today, El Encuentro has grown into the most extensive fly fishing program in Central Patagonia. An unparalleled number of private access waters, the authentic warmth of an Argentine family business, and relationships with key lodges and estancias combine to give El Encuentro Fly Fishing a unique presence in the world of Patagonia fly fishing.

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