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Patagonia Update - Season 2020/21

Dear Friends,
I would like to start by extending our warmest and most heartfelt greetings to you from Argentine Patagonia, where Spring is bursting forth and trout are rising on the Rio Futaleufu. Ordinarily, we would be busy preparing to welcome you to El Encuentro. Sadly, that is not the case this year. 
The ongoing Covid-19 situation has brought us to a pivotal point in planning for this upcoming 2020/2021 season. Having already had to cancel the first part of our season, the time now has come to make the heartbreaking decision to cancel the remainder of our 2020/2021 season. Having first been in touch with all our clients with deposited reservations, we are now sharing this news with all of you in our El Encuentro family.
This has been incredibly difficult for us to do, and I assure you that it was not done lightly. We have a strong responsibility to our families, employees, communities, and to you, our extended family of friends for good health. Because of this responsibility we feel that we cannot operate in a way that provides a safe, predictable experience for you and our families. Furthermore, the continuing pace of the Covid-19 pandemic raises all kinds of questions and obstacles around traveling and related logistics from your home to ours. 
As for the next season (2021-2022), anyone with tentative reservations in 2020/2021, or those of you considering a trip our way, we would like to offer you 10% off your trip when you book now for the 2021/2022 season and confirm with your 50% deposit.  
We anticipate a very busy return to “normalcy” next season with all our “roll over” bookings and new bookings from those who had hoped to come in the 2020-2021 season. As such, we encourage you to make your plans for a 2021-2022 trip as soon as possible. We don’t want you to miss out! 
We are committed to you, our extended family, to emerge from all of this stronger, healthier, and more prepared than ever. Be assured we will be using this time to scout new waters and explore new options for exclusive access to primo fishing for you, as well as upgrading all our safe health protocols. Be sure to stay tuned to our social media pages, our website, and our email newsletters for all of our latest updates. 
And of course, I am always available to communicate with you at any time about El Encuentro and fishing, available dates for booking and our news. Please know that we all cannot wait to welcome you to Patagonia and share in the one-of-a-kind El Encuentro experience. I look forward to hearing from you soon. 
Thank you and all my best,
Benjamin Beale