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El Encuentro Flyfishing - June 2020


Warm greetings from Patagonia, where early winter has set in, bringing snow to the high country and giving us time to reflect on what’s most important as we make plans for next season. 

So, what’s most important to us? YOU. We are so thankful that to have heard from so many of you with thoughtful optimism about next season and your concern that we are staying healthy and safe. It’s hard to put into words how much your communications mean to us.  Staying in touch confirms our sense of family and how important each one of you is to all of us.  Thank you. 

Uncertain times

These days of social unrest, COVID-19, and climate change sweeping across the world, also have us holding you in our thoughts. Please know that we share your hopes for health, safety and positive change in the days ahead. And we are hoping for a vaccine in the coming months to safely treat COVID and reduce the uncertainty caused by this global pandemic. 

There is good “COVID” news from Argentina! Because our government acted quickly and aggressively closing down the country in mid March, we have the lowest infection and death rates in South America (under 600 deaths in the whole country as of early June. Of course, while none of us knows where this pandemic will be in 6 months, we are hoping that the steps our country is taking will keep the spread well under control so that we may all be safely fly fishing and visiting in person come late November/early December. Think about the positive message that would send to everyone. We can be ever hopeful!

Our commitment to you

Above all, we remain committed to staying in touch as you figure out your plans. We will be here for you, stronger than ever, as we all find our way through these new and challenging times. 

We know it’s not easy to commit to come fishing with us right now. To make your decision easier, we have a new “COVID Booking Policy” that maximizes flexibility. We will guarantee your booking with a 25% deposit within 10 days of your email to us indicating agreement to the itinerary we have discussed. A second 25% payment should be sent by September 1st. Balance for the trip is due 60 days prior to the start date of reservation (instead of 90 days). If at any time you feel nervous about traveling, we will honor your deposit with us for future dates when you are ready to come our way.

We also invite you to look for us on Instagram and Facebook. The stories shown in both will feed your dreams of better days ahead.

Thoughts from Patagonia

Our El Encuentro family is spread far and wide, but wherever you are, know that we are thinking of you and can’t wait to share with you days of fly fishing, camaraderie, and our Patagonia. 

Here are some images to instill in you positive energy for the future. Stay safe, healthy and hopeful! And, keep in touch! We are here for you.

Benjamin Beale