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2019/2020 Fishing season!

Another fishing season is under way in Patagonia, and we couldn’t be more excited about the conditions, the fish, and the prospects for a great year at El Encuentro Fly Fishing. 

Much like the Rockies in North America, Patagonia’s Spring can be cool and wet. As we get deeper into November, temperatures warm, and we see some drop-dead gorgeous days. The remnants of a robust winter snowpack continue to coat our rugged mountain peaks. The countryside is lush, green. And, the trout? Well, they’re as spectacular as always here in Patagonia. 

Unlike many fisheries in North America, our waters don’t blow out with Spring runoff. Water levels will swell with the addition of snowmelt, but clarity remains good. This allows us to target hungry, aggressive spring trout with streamers and big dry flies. 

Spring hatches have been strong on our home river, the Rio Futaleufu. Back eddies, like the one directly behind our lodge, were full of mayflies, and rising fish every day this week. We’ve caught some impressively powerful rainbows on dry flies recently, and we look 

forward to this action only getting better in the coming weeks. 

Our first guests of the season have enjoyed great fishing at the Brook Trout Base Camp. Early season is an exciting time to fish the
waters around Camp. Heavyweight rainbow trout have been holding over in the Rio Corcovado all winter after dropping down from Lago Vinter last fall. These fish are the real deal. They’re large (up to 30”). They’re powerful. They’re aggressive. Our biggest fish to date this season is a 27” stud that was caught just two days ago. 

With a good snowpack remaining high up in the Andes, we should see strong water levels through the remainder of the early season. We expect to have opportunities at more extraordinary rainbows for several more weeks before they make their way back to Lago Vinter for the summer. 

In addition to the thrilling run of rainbows on the Rio Corcovado, our resident brook trout are in great shape, and on the hunt after a long winter. The stunning system of interconnected lakes, streams, and rivers which we access from our Brook Trout Base Camp has already produced a number of jaw dropping Brookies. This fishing will get better and better as the waters warm, and we can’t wait to see what kind of trophies our guests find this season. 

We have exciting additions to the fishing programs at both the El Encuentro Lodge and the Brook Trout Base Camp. Our head guide Marcello, and the rest of El Encuentro’s amazing guide staff can’t wait to show off new waters and exclusive access to all of our returning guests, and new friends alike. 

If you’re planning to visit us in Patagonia this season, and we can help in anyway before your trip, please let us know. If you’re interested in learning more about El Encuentro Fly Fishing, and planning your next adventure, drop us a line at anytime. 

We look forward to seeing you in Patagonia soon!