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A new fishing season!

Saludos from the south of Patagonia, we are excited to be at the start of the 2018-19 fishing season!  We have a great team lined up this year for what is showing promise to be our best season to date!  Most of the same staff you have come to know over the last years are still with us and we’ve added a few new people as well.


We saw a soggy start to our spring in Patagonia. Heavy rains added to an already wet winter boosting water reserves and putting us in a great position to enjoy good water flows for the entire season.  As I write this we are enjoying some of the first warm, dry days of the season. Water conditions are shaping up, and we are seeing some great fishing.


This season kicked off with a bang, with some terrific fishing on the Corcovado out of our Brook Trout Base Camp, on our home waters at the Rio Grande, and some of the nearby lakes.  We are looking forward to seeing what the next months bring as this is the time of year we get to see some truly large fish come to the fly. At this point, we are seeing good hatches of March Browns on the Rio Grande, small stoneflies abound, and dragonfly nymphs are starting to move around in the still waters.


Once again November and December are treating us to some of the best streamer fishing of the year, some strong hatch fishing and trout that haven’t seen flies since last year! Over the next two months we will transition into summer, and we expect great fishing to continue in Los Alerces National Park, the Rio Carrileufu, the Rio Grande and the waters around Brook Trout Basecamp in Corcovado country. As summer progresses, we will shift our focus from the National Park waters to the Rio Grande, Corcovado country, and on into the small streams, spring creeks, and lakes of Rio Pico.  


For those of you that have already booked with us for this season, we are looking forward to seeing your familiar faces and welcoming the new ones!  If you aren’t coming this year, we hope you’ll consider a return visit either this year or in the coming years.